Need help to get a win and make playoffs

I’m up against the first place team and need to pull out a win to have a chance at playoffs. My starting lineup currently looks like this (12 team standard scoring):
QB - Rodgers
WR - Adams
WR - McLaurin
RB - Conner
RB - Singletary
TE - Waller
Flex - Jaylen Samuels
My only players not on bye are D Freeman, Breida, Woods, and Wilkins. Since Conner will most likely be out, do I risk playing Wilkins tomorrow night, or should I pick up one of these guys from waivers?
Hines, J Washington, Renfrow, McKissic, T Edmunds, Snell, Cobb, Reynolds, T Patrick, J Wilson, J Matthews.
I feel like all of these players, including Wilkins, carry a ton of risk. I just can’t choose which player can deliver the best odds of a decent week. Please help me out!