Need help to trade for kelce or te

Hey guys, I’m in a 10 team 0.5 ppr league and am trying to upgrade my tight end position. I’m currently in 3 and the top 2 teams have kittle and Waller…not sure if it’s wise to trade with the higher positional teams. The team I’m playing against has kelce and I’m aiming for him. He needs receivers and running backs. Let me know what trade you would offer to get him. Thanks for the help.

If I were him I would want Barkley, Adams or Debo and then some as well so Try Adams, Mitchell + Hockenson.

It’s tough

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I might be stubborn but I’m not offering adams, deebo or Barkley for kelce, but I know that’s what it might take them to do so

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You can’t trade nothing for something. You want big (kelce) you’ll have to trade for big. When looking at the trade come at it how you can improve both squads.

Pitching out low end players even to start off the trade can sometimes come across as insulting and leave a trade dead in the water. Try making the trade a conversation and make it known you want Kelce and work from there

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