Need help to win The Championship

Other team is projected to beat me by five points. We are in a standard league. Do you think this is my best line up with the matchup’s to take home the championship game?

Who is available on your waivers for QB’s? There may be better options than what you currently have.

HAHA- that was my first thought too!!!

That’s tough man- I think this is your best lineup. I hate seeing David Johnson on the bench but it is what it is. I am indeed interested in hearing who might be available on waivers for QB.


Yeah, sitting DJ is tough, but with how their offense has been playing, and with the game likely going to be a massive blowout, it is logical to think he won’t be used as much/well as we would like.

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Yeah, I think I’m also benching him for Damien Williams.

That’s rough. I hate sony, dj has been awful, coleman was good and is now the guy but he can be bad. I’d just ranking slave the flex spot. whoever is highest is going in lol

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Trust me its been real tough but I’ve made it to the championship pretty much streaming qbs and defense all year. I had Carson Wentz until he got hurt. But this is the current available qbs let me know what y’all think thanks

OOF- you might be better off with that you got. Keenum looks like a maybe but that dude doesn’t throw the ball farther than 7 yards.

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Ugh that is a gross list. I’d stick with Darnold

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And now you know why MN picked cousins over Case (even if cousins is also a turd)