Need help! trade inside

Trade CMC for Obj and Aaron Jones?

how is RB depth?

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Who are your RBs and WRs?

Kamara, cmc, Drake and Royce
Baldwin, Godwin, Davis, Allison and Cole

yeah you probably should take that trade. Any way you could get a better RB than jones?

I can go for Cohen or Brieda…

probably smart. Both can serve as RB2.

Idk if he’ll accept tho with obj and one of those RBs… should I add on Baldwin to the trade?

Not baldwin. try one of the others. You need baldwin to play WR2.

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At first blush, I wouldn’t do it, just because CMC is a high producing RB, OBJs offense isn’t the greatest, and Aaron Jones is hit or miss. At this point I’d rather have Ito than Jones.

This is a standard league btw… so he’s only averaging 15 pts. He’s not getting tds.

That’s a fair point but I’d be patient with CMC. Norv’s calling plays for him and he loves to use his RB. For me it just comes down to who’s in the system.

I do like cmc but I’m really desperate for WRs. In general my wr group is not that great but this week it’s worse because Baldwin and Allison are on byes

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Btw you didn’t mention anything about Cohen or brieda instead of Jones. Do you like the trade with those guys?

If I had to rank them it would be Breida, the Cohen/Jones are valued the same for me. OBJ and Brieda would be nice to have. Those are two startable assets for one.