Need Help: Trading Hot Lockett

Hey all ~
I’ve got a tough week next week, with four players on bye, and my best rb2 is buck Allen. I’m thinking of trading

    Lockett for I. Crowell.

It’s 12 person ppr, and this way id have kamara, juju, Thomas, Crowell, and flex.


I would aim a bit higher. Would prefer to keep Locket and start Allen.

I tried to get Collins and they weren’t having it, any other recommend targets? Also with Baldwin back in the picture idk I’m not confident with Lockett.

What teams need a WR? Look at bye weeks. This is likely more successful than setting targets on a specific RB.

Hmm I’ll check it out, I think that I looked around and this was the best trade I could get. This guy needs wrs. Is it terrible in your opinion?

It’s not terrible. As you said, with Baldwin back it’s possible Locket’s opportunity declines. I do not expect this to happen. Hawks locked him up in the offseason.

Crowell is not a reliable player, in my opinion. A part of a true RBBC.

I’d say that’s fair. Lockett is looking like a more TD dependent play moving forward if this week was any indication. He’s got tds most games so far this season but will that continue with a slightly diminished role assuming Doug is back to being top target after the bye.

Crowell would be equally unlikely to be consistent week to week.