Need help trimming the fat

Good evening Foot Clan,

Long time! I have an 8-4 team currently in 2nd place of .5 superflex team. (2flex 1 superlfex)
I’m having a hard time deciding who to cut on my team so maybe you guys can help me out. There’s a couple of guys on waivers too that I really want to pick up but don’t know if I should.
Here’s my team:

Teddy Bridgewater
Trevor Lawrence
Justin Fields (IR- had him there from being out so I have to cut someone anyway)
Terry McLaurin
Keenan Allen
Dionte Johnson
Jaylen Waddle
Jonathan Taylor
Najee Harris
Elijah Mitchell
Miles Sanders
Rhomondre Stevenson
Javonte Williams
Sony Michel
TJ Hockenson

Jeff Wilson is on waivers. Don’t know if I really need him with all the RBs I picked up.
Chuba- but I don’t think I want any of that with a bye week and that horrible playoff schedule.

Bonus- I have an extra person because of IR so who do I cut?

Thank you so much!

Good luck!

I would not cut any of these players for Jeff Wilson or Chubba Hubbard.


Hey! Thank you, friend!
Those are my thoughts exactly. I hate that I have 1 QB too many but there’s literally no QBs on the wire and I hate to give anyone a free QB. Even if they might be awful.

But my line up is practically set and I think I’m going to let my roster freeze with the not eligible player in IR.

Sony Michel or Lawrence is the only ones worth cutting here. I wouldn’t do it for Wilson or Hubbard though

You’d cut Sony right now that Henderson might be injured?
If I were to cut someone I was thinking of yeah, either Lawrence or Stevenson, actually, just because of that schedule. I don’t want to!

Harris is the RB1 for sure but Stevenson is still intriguing with their run game.

Henderson hasn’t been ruled out a couple weeks or anything yet. Sony is the better stash than Lawrence. Teddy isn’t that much better though haha.

If this is just for Wilson or Chubba. I wouldn’t drop anyone for those two.

Ha- yeah I guess I asked multiple questions in one long-winded question.

I didn’t know if I should make a move and grab one of those guys on waivers.
I also have an extra person because Justin Fields was IR eligible last week- so I have to cut someone this week if I were to make a waiver move.

Thanks for replying to me. Appreciate the input.