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Need Help w/Keeper Draft Strategy (Acquired Zeke for draft picks)


My 2 keepers are Zeke and Bell in a 10 team Half PPR league. I just got Zeke this year by trading my 44th and 57th picks in our upcoming draft away for him. Risky, I know… some of the guys in my league think I threw away my chances of winning this year by doing that but I hope to prove them wrong. So, our 1st and 2nd round picks are our keepers… making the 3rd round really are first selection. With 20 keepers off the board, I will have the 4th pick in the 3rd round, or the 24th pick technically speaking. Then I have the 7th (actually the 37th) pick in the 4th round. I have to sit out the next 2 rounds because I gave those picks (44th & 57th) up for Zeke, but I’ll get an additional pick in the 9th round… sooo MY QUESTION: What should I do with my first 2 picks? Do I target the best receivers available at that point? What would you do?