Need help which WRs to start and D

I play in a 0.5 PPR league. I have 2 WR spots, flex and a D to fill. Which 3 WRs should I start: Jordy Nelson, Josh Gordan, AJ Green, Ju Ju, or M. Sanu? Which D should I start Philly or Baltimore?

I feel AJ has a tough matchup, Rodgers back makes Nelson usable again. I think Ju Ju will get alot of looks bc it will be a shoot out. Thanks for the help.

Green, Nelson as far as WR. For flex… tough because Ju-Ju in reality is 3rd / 4th behind Bell, Brown and Bryant. He has a low floor but a high ceiling.

What do you need? Safe points or max? If you need to go big, start Ju-Ju. If you need more safe I would prob play Sanu as he has the better match-up

Probably play a little more safe. My team is overall better. What about J. Gordon? Thanks.

Sanu has the better matchup of the two. Its really a roll of the dice. They both have been getting about 5 catches in the past two games.