Need help ... who to drop?

I need to pick up a DL to fill out my IDP slots, so I have to drop another player. I’m between Mattison, C Thompson and Jeudy. Don’t feel great about any, but have to fill out the playing roster before Sunday start.

QB: Newton
RB: Cook, Jacobs, Carson, Bell, Montgomery, Mattison, C Thompson
WR: Woods, Chark, Parker, Green, Jones Jr., Jeudy
TE: Fant
DST: Patriots
D: Wagner
DB: Collins
DL: Empty

1/2 PPR, 10-team redraft
QB / 2RB / 2WR / 2FLEX / DST / D / DB / DL


Chris Thompson or Darwin Thompson?

Chris Thompson (fixed above now). Darwin would have made the decision much easier :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would drop Chris Thompson.

Thanks for the feedback.