Need Help: Who to Drop?

My starting TE is Fant, and he’s the only one I currently carry. With him popping up (again) on injury report, I’m thinking about grabbing someone off the waiver wire just in case. Who should I drop?

Pittman Jr.

I could also drop Cam (I know he’s terrible) but my league mates love rostering multiple QBs so if my starter goes down my best streamer would be the CB likes of Dalton/Flacco/Luton.

I’d drop Shepard solely because he’s on a bye. I think he’s a better floor play than the other two. NYG hasn’t been as good at passing as of late with the run game being more consistent. Hopefully you can get him through the week and pickup again. Otherwise I’d say Reagor because of how bad Wentz is playing and so many named weapons on the field. Pitman has no competition.