Need help with 2 decisions for the playoffs

First one: Should I drop Rashaad Penny for Gus Edwards.
Second: Can I drop J. Landry or E. Sanders for DJ Moore first my WR 2.

I wouldn’t drop Jarvis cause the Browns aren’t 100% out of the playoff race and Landry is so damn good, nor would I drop Sanders cause he is the number one target there.

Ravens have Alex Collins, Javorious Allen, Ty Montgomery, Kenneth Dixon and now Gus Edwards. Collins was supposedly the “lead back” with Allen getting the bulk of 2min drills. Dixon was the lead back week one but got placed on IR, and was cleared to return to practice last week. Ty Mont supposedly was going to do more of the Allen role as soon as he was acclimated but who even knows now! Lamar Jackson ran for a hundred yards himself, and I don’t think we’ve had any confirmation on who the starting QB for the Ravens is. I wouldn’t drop Rashaad Penny for any Ravens RB, not even Collins. Way too murky of a situation for me, plus I like the Seahawks offense and their commitment to the run game more than I like the Ravens who can’t commit to a QB let alone an RB.

Additionally if DJ Moore is on your waivers at this point in the season your league must not be very deep or someone made a big error. If it isn’t a big league I assume you have some more depth at RB or WR which means you either don’t need to take the risk on a Ravens RB or you don’t need DJ Moore cause you’d have so many playable WRs you wouldn’t know which to actually play!

If your trade deadline hasn’t gone by I would send out offers for elite RBs using Sanders or Landry + Penny for a Chubb or Conner if that owner is hurting at WR (which is highly unlikely).

Thanks for the help. It’s a 12 team league. I have Julio jones a my wr1. I am just trying to look for ore consistant wr2. Thanks for talking me off the ledge