Need help with 3 trades in a std league

I’ll get McCaffery for Hopkins

OBJ for Landry/West

AJ Green for Hopkins /Allen /West

My WR are Julio / Hopkins / Landry / Hogan / Agholor
My RB Zeke / Murray / C Thompson / Allen /Cohen / West Charles

10 person league

Looking at your roster I don’t see that you really need McCaffery. Zeke and Murray are fine. Cohen/Allen is your fill in/flex play. McCaffery would give you a better option but I don’t think you pay that price for him. OBJ for Landry/West I’d take in a heartbeat if I were you. That’s a solid trade in your favor. AJ Green is a fair trade as well but given the option, I take the OBJ trade out of these 3.

OBY for Landry/West is a yes. No for Mcaffrey/Hopkins and probably no for AJ Green trade. I doubt OBJ owner accepts that trade but if he does you won the deal

I think the OBJ trade is the best