Need Help With A Drop

12 team full PPR, I need to drop one for a TE fill in. Can’t get a two for one to open a spot up.

Really it’s down to Singletary or Coleman, am I wrong to lean Coleman here?

QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, DJ, Montgomery, Jones, Singletary, Coleman, Damien Williams
WRs - Allen, Amari Cooper, Godwin, OBJ,
TE - Engram
K - Gould
DST - Stream (Chargers this week)

I mean if you really cant get a trade for 2 for 1 i think coleman is probably the best bet. Has to split with other decent use guys singletary has to much upside i think


I’d lean Coleman too unfortunately. I mean he’s great though lol idk man. I’d use these next 24 hours to find something with trading. Cus he has great potential catching passes and getting goal line work. But Singletary looked so efficient with only like 13 carries.

That’s my thinking too, plus losing both tackles and his fullback isn’t going to help.

Lack of the lions share of targets does make him a bit TD dependant IMO…

Yeah it will be the last second call, also keeps Coleman away from everyone else’s team if I do have to drop him late

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