Need help with a flex

I have Cohen, McGuire, L Murray, and Riddick. Have to start one in my Flex. Only other option is Watkins on the wire and I also have Parker but sounds like he’s not going to play.

Ppr or standard?

Half point

I think McGuire is going to have a pretty good game if Powell sits out…

I personally would go cohen I kinda know what the floor is for him. So he is a little more safe than the other options.

Even with Forte there?

And Cohen you’re not concerned with his usage going down?

Im concerned with his decrease in touches. Different QBs like different things. One game isn’t much of a sample size but boy did it look like Mitch did not like Cohen much at all.

Id go with McGuire if Forte is out and if not, I think Riddick could get looks against that NO defense.