Need Help With a Massive Trade

10 team standard my record is 5-3 w/ like the 3rd most PF.

MY roster is

QB: Dalton/Wilson

WR: Diggs, Brandin Cooks, Boyd, Funchess, Allen Robinson.

RB: Kamara, Sony Michel, Joe Mixon, Marlon mack, Mike Davis

TE: Kittle.

The trade is

MY Karama, Cooks, & Diggs

His Gordon, Ingram, Cooper Kupp & Ridley.

This may seem like a no brainer for some but I suck at trading.

Keep Kamara, Cooks, Diggs…

You have a great team, could be league winner and don’t see an improvement rest of season for your team with this trade…

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that is how I feel about

This is exactly how I feel about the trade, i don’t see where I’m upgrading really other then Gordon and maybe move Ingram for a top WR.

The problem i am having is Mack/Mixon go on Bye week and I’m playing Hill/Mahones this week so I may need some high scorers

If you could counter trade Mack/Cooks/Funchess for Gordon/Kupp/Ridley I might consider that.

Not knowing his team and what he needs in terms of trade it is hard to speculate, but it seems he is trying to upgrade his WRs,

But the trade as-is I would not accept…
even if you lose this week because of the Mahomes/Hill stack, it is not worth sacrificing season long value because you have a legitimate league winning team as it stands now…

I think this is self destructive. Please don’t

lol but seriously I wouldn’t even w the byes next week. It looks like Tyreek is injured for real with a Groin which is one that is especially punishing when brought back too early, as exemplified by Devonta Freeman on IR and others that I’m sure I’m forgetting. With Cleveland on deck, KC has minuscule incentive to rush Yyreek back for this game that they should easily win, but also is against a Browns defense that’s solid and quite good at times.

So, he may play, but the chances he goes insane with points aren’t gonna
be nearly as high as usual odds are. And that prob means the same for Mahomes to some degree.

Those are just extra, week 9-pertinent reasons that I’d skip this trade for sure.