Need help with a trade

Was just offered this in my .5 PPR league. Trade away my Chris Godwin and David Montgomery for his JuJu Smith-Schuster, Emmanuel Sander, and Lesean McCoy.

Current Roster:
RB’s: James Conner, Josh Jacobs, David Montgomery, Royce Freeman, Adrian Peterson, Royce Freeman, Raheem Moster, and Tevin Coleman


We actually have similar rosters and I definitely wouldn’t. Love Montgomery ROS and I’m not sure how much better JuJu ends up finishing compared to Godwin now that Ben is out. You’re in a good spot.

Thanks for your response. This is how I was feeling as well. Every trade value chart I’m looking at has me winning this trade in a landslide and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy because I don’t want to do this trade!

For sure, if anything I may look to upgrade Conner with another one of your RBs since you have the depth. I have him as well and am starting to tilt. Haha

Absolutely terrified with Conner right now lol. My thought process is I’m going to hold onto him for this week and see how good/bad the PIT offense is going to be with Rudolph. If they’re terrible I’m likely stuck with him all year, if they’re decent he’s still an RB2’ish range

Yep…my thoughts exactly!