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Need help with a trade?!


I desperately need a running back and I’ve been targeting Melvin Gordon. The guy who has Gordon needs help at wr and qb. I have Kirk cousins and Philip Rivers for wr I have: d.bryant, k.allen, m.crabtree, d.jackson and d.funchess. I was thinking of offfering him Keenan Allen and Cousins for Gordon… is that a dumb trade?


What’s the rest of you’re roster look like? RB’s.


I’ve thought of similar offers but using Mariota plus 1.

The thing with Allen for me is that he is more of a flex option over anything else.

If I were on the receiving end of the trade, I’d want someone who has more potential to score points.

I wouldn’t offer crabtree he’s got potential. It’s a difficult one. Maybe offer the trade and see if he counters.


I have rivers, hunter Henry, and Keenan Allen, I’m trying to trade allen so that I don’t have all chargers :joy:


Do you think I’ll be on the losing end by trading cousins? His season gets easier and his team chemistry is getting better


QB: Rivers/Cousins RB: L.Blount, Duke Johnson, B.Powell, M.Mack WR: D.Bryant, K.Allen, D.Jackson, M.Crabtree, D.Funchess TE: H.Henry


I do like cousins over rivers.