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Need Help with Auction Keepers - Pick 3

Hey guys! I have recently taken over a team in a 3-Keeper Auction league. This year Zeke, CMC, Devante Adams, and Hopkins cannot be kept, so I expect there to be some big budgets. Can you help me pick the best three players and then provide any advice on what to aim for in the draft?
($200 budget)
Aaron Jones $27
Stefan Diggs $23
Allen Robinson $18
Dj Moore $18
Calvin Ridley $17
Raheem Mostert $15
Robert Woods $13

I would take either ARob or DJMoore at the 18$ mark. That’s 9% your total budget, so that’s pretty reasonable for a WR1. I might honestly pick them both depending on the roster construction. But at that point with both of them for 36$ you can make some big time money moves for those big name RBs. As for a third keeper I’m not sure. I don’t exactly trust Mostert and I have Jones down for significant regression in the TD category. I would consider Woods or Ridley. At that point you’d have your two starting WR and a flex, plus you’re not breaking the bank.

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@joeyspringer1 I see a lot of interest in DJ Moore in early mock drafts, but I fear that Robby Anderson will be the actual WR1. Do you think DJ Moore will demand a higher target share while being paid less money than Robby?

I really like Allen Robinson, regardless of the quarterback, he feels like the only option in Chicago, and he is talented.

Robert Woods has been incredibly consistent and has looked good, but I fear that Kupp is going to be taking over a bigger WR1 role.

Ridley feels like he is in the reverse situation, if Julio goes down this year then he becomes the WR1 in a pass-heavy Atlanta offense, so super high ceiling, but relatively low floor due to the other weapons in Atlanta (Jones, Gurley, Hurst, Treadwell).

No I don’t see Robby Anderson taking any share away from DJ. DJ is the #1 in that offense. Robby Anderson will likely steal targets from Curtis Samuel since they share a similar role in field stretchers. Anderson couldn’t command the targets while on the Jets, he’s not going to mess with an already established WR.

As for Kupp and Woods. They will both eat. They each got their own when Cooks went down, now cooks is gone. Woods and Kupp will both perform well. That offense throws the ball enough for them both to be WR1.