Need help with Auction keepers

Hey guys, I’m in an Auction-keeper league and I have some tough decisions coming into this year.

My league has a $200 draft-budget and I am stuck between these keepers: (original price)

Ezekiel Elliot - $51 ($46 drafted last year)
Dalvin Cook- $30 ($25 drafted last year)
Jerrick McKinnon- $11 ($1 off waivers)

Notable Mentions:
Josh Gordon - $10 ($0 waivers)
Marquis Lee- $10 ($0 waivers)

Zeke’s performance was otherworldly, however I don’t see a reason for his workload to decrease. Other league mates were drafting Antonio Brown ($71) and David Johnson ($64) at higher values, does Zeke warrant this draft cost?

Dalvin Cook got injured early, but looked electric. Out of the three, and given the draft cost, I’m thinking Cook is a lock.

Jerrick McKinnon has a lot of hype around him right now. I got him for good value considering what I think he will sell for. But I’m not sold out to the idea that SF isn’t going to bring in another RB to form a committee.

(EDIT) I get to keep 2.

Cook, serious non contact injury…don’t think I could do it with so many healthy rookies on the cheap at that price. I bet you could get him cheaper. Depends on when he returns to the field. Zeke is about right, a little value there under 50. I might consider keeping two and using the bolo 3rd keeper money on a player someone had to dump that are better than yours? Maybe a Carlos Hyde or a Sanu. Somebody with some consistency, not great but a good cog wheel.

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I think your keepers are spot on.
You are getting a top 3 RB for 25% of your budget, a RB1 for 15% and a RB2 for 5%. That’s great value all around.
I think McKinnon’s will be great value, and in the worst case scenario, he will give you the same kinda season he had last year, which is worth 5% of your budget :wink:

How many do you get to keep? If it’s just one I say definitely Zeke or Cook. If it’s as many as you want then keep all your RBs and Gordon!

I can only keep two. Im thinking Zeke and someone else right now.

I appreciate the percentage breakdown, that feels like a better way to approach the price.