Need help with choosing player

Hey, so in my league I have Peterson, ingram, and zek. Before today I was playing peterson and ingram because I had no other backs, with zek playing I now have to chose between ingram at TB or peterson at SF.
I think AP is a better play just because SF has been handing out 100 yard games to everyone but I want to hear different views on the situation. Thanks for and help/advice in advance (standard league)

well. you are right on the matchup. however i don’t think AP is established enough to feel comfortable with him over ingram. Thats just my opinion.

however, the saints might lean on kamera more this week giving ingram more of a break.

Ingram 100% This honestly shouldn’t be a debate. Ingram with out AP this year has been a stud and the bucs D is not that great at stopping the run