Need help with Drake trade

Full PPR, i was offered Melvin Gordon for Drake. My other RBs are Kamara, CEH, Gibson, Mixon, Latavius Murray, and D’ernest Johnson. Do i take it?

I would. Gordon has a safer floor currently than Drake.

Plus you have great RB depth.

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Drake owner here.
I’m trying to get rid of him everywhere but in this case your depth is fantastic so you could afford to hold and see if he comes good.

In my case though he is a poison on my team and I want him gone haha

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Curious as to what we all think his value is currently. I could probably shed him as there are a few RB needy teams out there but i just don’t think the return will be worth what i sell him for, like is he only worth a Mclaurin currently? If that? My only other RBs will be Hunt, Robinson, Gaskin and an IR’d Sony Michel which makes me think i literally can’t afford to get rid of him. I also have Chase Edmonds for what it’s worth

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With RBs being so scarce this year if your depth isn’t great it probably isn’t worth trading him for a WR.
Like my other RBs are Jacobs, Mostert and kelley so I really don’t to lose any more depth.
At this point tho you’re safer starting Kelley…