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Need Help with Ezekiel Elliott Keeper Decision


In my league were drafting this Saturday night and we get one keeper that we have to have decided by then. My one question is with the recent Zeke news should I consider keeping him or should I keep Mike Evans instead. Also in our league if I keep either Zeke or Evans I lose my first round pick. Also the keeper is just for this season and not for future seasons just in case that changes your opinion. Who should I keep?


Do you know where in the first round you would be drafting?


No we won’t know until draft night, but it is a ten team league if that helps.


I’d probably keep Evans and you could target Zeke on the turn


Man that’s a hard call to make but I think I go Zeke. He’s going to be such a difference maker when he’s playing and from what I’ve seen it looks very likely the suspension will be overturned or drastically reduced. It’s a gamble but a gamble I’d take.


Do you think Zeke will be able to play week 1?


I’m really thinking this thing is headed in the brady direction and it will go to court and he’ll end up playing all of this year


That’s what I was thinking to and I don’t want to risk him making it to the second round because I don’t think he will.


That’s fair. I wouldn’t blame you for taking in the first at this point