Need help with flex spot full point ppr---

Need all the opinions i can get for this week for my flex spot-I have C McCaffrey—Kamara–Mixon and Doug Martin–I am good at RB1 and 2 with Shady and M Gordon–THANKS!!!

Kamara or doug for me… Hope that helps alittle

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Mixon is playing the Colts and D Martin against the Panthers and Kamara up against Bears-I’m leaning toward Kamara but I want Martins touches but if they get behind Sims etc will step in-I need help on this one guys-

Also my league has 5 point bonus for over 100 yards rushing and receiving and for every RB Rush is a point-

Cmon my fantasy football peers! Help a brother out on this-Thanks!

I personally lean more towards Mccaffrey honestly. Even though Carolina hasn’t looked great, he’s been getting tons of passes, even if they’re just the short dump-offs. Mixon isn’t really being given opportunities to make him worth it and Kamara is sharing with Ingram against a stout bears D. I would probably coin flip between Martin and Mccaffrey IMO.

Thank you! I get 2 points per reception and 1 per touch-Is the Bears front 7 that stout? I just wish McCaffrey could get more yardage and to be honest just make him a slot receiver and get it over with-I’m leaning towards Martin as Tampa has a good o-line but still doubting which one to flex-

I’m with Bakerz. Yeah McCaffery’s low yardage worries me too but he’s just getting it done in PPR with as many targets as he’s seeing. I’d take Martin for sure over any of the other timeshares, but I’m kinda biased on McCaffery so far this year. Sounds like you’re team is pretty solid though so Martin may be the safer pick.

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Ok thanks! Is it just me or should they in the offseason put him in the slot and draft a real running back to hit the holes?

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Im in the same situation but instead of Mixon I have McKinnon, So I have McCaff,Kamara, McKinnon, and I was also considering Flexing Thielan since clevelands secondary isnt the best… who do you guys think i should flex

Thielen doesn’t sound too bad-

out of the other 3 rbs who would you slot in as your rb2

PPR league right?

yep its a full ppr

CMC- But I honestly like Kamara-Bears from what a guy told me on here has a tough front seven but Kamara is gonna get yard and catches CMC Isn’t gonna get yards thru the holes as I know all too well!

ok thats what i was planning on doing thanks for the reassurance

No problem and good luck to ya!

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thanks good luck to you as well

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