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Need Help with Keeper Decision


In a 12-Team, 2 Keeper League that is .5 PPR. Standard Positions (1 qb, 2 rb, 2, wr, 1 te, 1, flex)

All Keepers cost first two picks.

I am having trouble deciding which two to keep.

  • Dez Bryant
  • Todd Gurley
  • Lamar Miller
  • Demaryius Thomas

I think I am definitely keeping Dez… and it is up between Gurley or Miller. I made a trade for Gurley at the deadline last season, hoping he would take advantage of his great playoff schedule (… he didn’t), and that I would keep him for this year.

Thomas has no QB… so I think he is out of the question.



Do you have to keep 2? I don’t think any of those players are worth a first round pick.


Yes. I have to keep two.

That is why I am struggling to make my decision… but pretty much everyone in the league has the same problems.


I would keep Gurley, and Thomas. Thomas is a way more consistent player in a ppr league and is the go to target for either of the QB there. Dez is inconsistent and in a run first offense.


Damaryus is a good call, but I might go Miller/Gurley. That is a decent start at RB and then you can hammer the WR position and still get Thomas.


I think I would go Thomas and Gurley. Gurley has a higher upside, especially in a keeper league. He may not be a Ram forever.


Do not lose dez. He has the better QB situation by far. He’s been elite even in a 1/2 ppr in the past and that D got worse for the boys. As far as the 2nd keeper I would take Miller if there is a restriction on years kept. If not I would take gurley. He will prob fall a few spots short of Miller this year, but by year 2 with mcvay I believe gurley will be back to top 10 status.


I do not really think it’s a tough decision. With Miller and Thomas, you know their ceiling: solid but unspectacular. Dez has been hurt, and has ups and downs, but he is a TD machine. His red zone presence alone demands a keep. How many WR are a legitimate lock for double-digit scores? As for Gurley, he disappointed, but that whole offense was bad. He’s a lock for volume, and that what RB’s need to excel in fantasy. There is no one threatening his carries. New coach, new offense. Go with Gurley. None of them are first rounders, but you could make the argument for second rounders, with upside.


Dez for sure then Gurley or Miller depending on who you like better that way you are more well rounded at RB and WR instead of heavy at WR (remember RB scarcity) then hope Demaryius falls to you in the third

I’ve got a keeper question if you don’t mind weighing in?