Need help with keepers please!

1 PPR league, no round penalties. Im already keeping bell, but for my other keeper should I keep christian mccaffery, Kareem hunt or Keenan Allen? I am also picking from the 8th spot in the draft. Thanks!

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In my opinion, either keep Allen or mccaffery and take the best RB first rd lol

a hunt. or allen if you want a top 5 WR. hunt will be a top 10 RB with top 5 potential. starting your draft without having to worry about your RBs is so so nice. thats for standard or PPR. kareem will still catch 50+ balls and get 250+ rushes. hard to pass up on in a PPR.

No lose situation with your RBs. If it was me, I would take Hunt. He will have more of a work load then McCaffery will and won’t be taken out in goalline situations.

I’d go Hunt and focus on WRs in early rounds.

Hunt is 1.12 adp.
Mccaffery is 2.04
Keenan is 2.05

So from the 8th spot you can draft whomever you want round 1 and then on the turn you can have allen or mccaffery…

That’s what I would do.