Need help with Keepers

I am in a league with 3 keepers who should I keep:
Carson Wentz- 14th round pick
Josh Gordon- 13th Round pick
JuJu- 12th Round pick
Kenyan Drake- 15the Round pick
Mark Ingram- 2nd Round pick
Tyreek Hill- 10th Round pick

tyreek and juju for sure. the third, thats a bit tougher. josh gordon seems like a nice potential choice, and cheap too. same for drake. mark ingram you can count on for production, but you have to give up a 2nd rounder. and you just dont keep QB in keeper situations pretty much ever. there are times where its ok but for the most part, its just a waste. on that note though, Wentz in the 14th is great value. so does his value beat out gordons? better value, but QB is still very easy to fill. i want depth way before i want QB. so its kind of tough. gordon or drake, who are both great values BUT could both not produce this year. at all. or pay too much for ingram? what im getting at is this is one of the few times i just take the QB and be happy. too many risks (this may change after the draft) with taking drake as we dont even know if he will get to touch the ball. gordon i would love to take, but the browns are set on rebuilding the chiefs way. by getting tyrod (who is basically an alex smith clone) and landry who will soak up the very few targets given out, he could get lucky and have 90 targets, or more than likely 50 targets. catching 60% would get you 30 catches. its just not worth it.

so to wind up this far too long explanation of what i would do…

Tyreek the Freak
Juju Bear
Carson red rocket Wentz

I would keep
Carson Wentz
Kenyan Drake
Tyreek Hill

I say take all 3 wideouts

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