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Need help with keepers!


In a 4 keeper non ppr auction league with 2 rb 2wr a te and a flex. I have six potential keepers and i can only keep 4. $200 budget

Brady for $9
D johnson for $51
J howard for $1
Julio for $56
Terrelle pryor for $2
Davante adams for $1


Easy Brady, D Johnson, J Howard and Julio


Brady and Howard for sure, $51 isn’t bad for D Johnson either. $56 seems a bit high to keep a receiver in non ppr.

You probably won’t get an idea of who other people are keeping or releasing before you have to declare your own keepers, but it would be an interesting play to let Julio go for $56 if you think you could get AB or OBJ closer to $50.

My re-draft league also drafts with $200, but we are filling an 18 man roster so our prices are generally lower than other leagues. Usually we see 1 or 2 guys go for $45, only once in the past 3 years has anyone gone over $50. (Andrew Luck - $51 in 2015)

For my money - I’m keeping Brady, Johnson, Howard, and Pryor and then head into the draft targeting a WR stud for $50, or a combo like Evans/T.Y. for $65-$70.


Howard, Adams, Pryor and Johnson. You’ve arguabbly got a starting 4 at less that $60 bucks. So much room to play with.


It sounds like I may zig where some of the other responses have zagged…

  • The easiest name to drop from the list for me is Brady. I think it’s easy to mistake (arguably, for some) the GOAT quarterback as the GOAT fantasy quarterback… which Brady is not. And while $9 is certainly a decent value for a (fairly sure thing) QB1… I think this format will still leave plenty of top quality QBs available after everyone has declared their keepers. (This being a 1QB league, there are too many good options for a QB1 – even just streaming them, as the Footballers have proven each of the last two seasons.)

  • It’s also worth recognizing that keeping guys isn’t just about $$ value saved or retained, it’s also about securing assets so that other teams can’t have them. You might feel otherwise, but in a fairly standard league, I’m fine with any of the top 15 or so QBs… so why would I worry about spending one of my 4 keeper spots to secure a specific one? I’ll take advantage of value in the actual auction draft to get as good as I can… and if I have extra money to use, I can pay up for a premium Top 5 guy later on in the auction.

  • Even if you’re worried, be assured that the UDK values Carr, Big Ben, and Philly Rivs at $4 each in auction. So you likely could get a secure option as well as Big Ben’s high upside for less than what you’d be keeping Brady for.

OK. On to the other guys.

  • You have two guys that you could argue are somewhat close to fair market value: DJ & Julio. DJ, if anything, is a value at $51, though. Letting him back into the auction will assure that you have to pay even more… and might lose out on him. And he’s the consensus #1 overall right now. So you gotta keep him. Julio? He’s actually listed as overvalued at $56 given the UDK. I’d toss him back into the pool, if you’re ok with the rest of this…

  • Howard, Pryor, and Adams are all GREAT values at $1 - $2 a piece. Let’s assume we keep those three and DJ. What does our team look like? RB1, RB1, WR2+, WR2… with $145 left over.

  • In that scenario (using the UDK), you have the core of your starting lineup for just $55… when DJ’s value is around $64 alone in the free market. Total value of your 4 keepers (from their rankings) is $145 – so a savings of $90. HUGE VALUE.

  • Which means you should have more than enough capital to aggressively bid on additional top assets, already knowing that you have a pretty solid starting lineup for your 2WR/2RB. Given that much money left in your account, I would fully expect you’ll be able to pay up for a WR1 as well as another low-end RB1 before you even worry about bench assets.

So, yep: DJ & Howard (starting RBs taken care of) and Pryor & Adams (WR & Flex taken care of), with plenty of $$ left over to grab several other big time assets.