Need help with McCaffrey trade

Is trading away Alvin Kamara and Kenyan Drake for CMC a good trade? Full PPR

I don’t know, man. Kamara had 81 receptions last year and Drake had 50. CMC had 116. It would depend on the rest of your roster. Do you have a good RB2 after this trade? I’m guessing it was Drake but now you’ll just be hoping for a breakout from your bench? CMC is a beast, but he’s not the guy that wins everyone their league. I don’t know if I could do it.

Dynasty or redraft?

Do you consider yourself a contender? Do you have RB depth?

My RBs are CEH, Kamara, Drake, Gibson, James White, and Joe Mixon. Its a 1 keeper league with 2 QB spots and a double flex spot

Definitely have depth with CEH, Kamara, Gibson, Mixon, James White, Drake. Just seeing if i can improve that little bit, also worried about Kamara’s lack of production from so many carries last week and Kamara has more competition than CMC in Murray. Also its a 1 keeper league with 2 qb spots and 2 flex

You still have depth by having Mixon and possibly Gibson(unknown his value). CMC is as close to a worry free player as you can get. Id say do it.