Need help with my 5/5 Keeper this year...Thanks!

I can Keep 5. It is a 1PPR league with a super flex spot (so I can play 2 QBs)

Keeping Zeke, Mixon, Odell, and Cam.

Do I keep Juju, Funchess, or roll with Garapolo? I have the 12 pick in the 6th once the keepers are selected.


I say juju. You can probably get jimmy g later. Same with funchess

Your already keeping cam… So you can still have a great shop of drafting a good QB with your superflex.

Def keep juju…

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Depends on if you know what other teams are keeping. If a lot are keeping QBs, then I’m taking Jimmy G. If others are keeping mostly skilled position players, then keep JuJu.

Funchess shouldn’t even be in the conversation. Especially since you have cam. A Funchess Cam stack makes me want to puke.

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