Need help with my first round pick

Drafting 2nd in a 12 man half ppr keeper league (starting keeper this year)…Obviously I should be thinking take Bell (I know the #1 pick is going to be DJ, he told me already) and if he doesn’t take DJ, I take him. BUT if Zeke isn’t suspended, is it worth taking him because he’s younger and will be better for longer and Bell is injury prone? We get to keep our keeper for 2 years before they’re thrown back in.

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Is it just one keeper? If so just play like it’s redraft and less like dynasty and draft Bell. He’s only 25 so the last year you can keep him he’ll be 27.


Zeke will be suspended, that much is clear. The question is how many games, and when will they be taken off.

Go Bell.

Yeah Bell is my gut pick. I just see Zeke being younger, not injury prone and a cowboy for years to come behind that O-line…I see Bell is a few years older, injury prone, possibly not a Steeler next year and possibly without Ben (maybe retires) if he is. Our keeper is a 2 year limit, so I’m just thinking ahead too.

Really praying the #1 pick guy chooses Bell, then I take DJ and don’t have to think.

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You can always take brown too. I’m avoiding bell this year. Just a gut feeling, he won’t produce because he won’t be on the field. As for zeke, I love zeke, but chances are he is out a few games. Like the ballers have said if it’s just 3 games, still take him. But we don’t know, and if you still dont know by draft day definitely do not take him. If it’s my pick at 2, I take brown and just not worry about injury or suspensions, or hold outs for more money or what ever he decides to do. Don’t forget, you dont have to follow the trends. Everyone in the world can call you an idiot for not taking bell, but truth is, bell and brown will end up around the same stats if they both stay healthy. Bell with more obviously.

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