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Need help with my flex spot full point ppr----


My opponent is starting Drew Brees-I have Kamara-D Martin-Mixon and Mccaffrey to put in flex spot-Leaning towards Martin but since he has Brees thinking of flexing Kamara and his starters at RBS are Ajayi Fornette and CJA-My starting RBS are Shady and M Gordon-
Gotta win this matchup! Help me out fantasy footballers! Thanks!


Martin or mccafe


Thanks! My gut tells me Martin but he’s up against a good bill defense and Tampas QB situation scares me off-Mccaffrey catches balls but not much straight up rushes or much yardage-IDK?


I would go with Mccaffrey for full point ppr. He gets the volume in the pass department and is going up against Chicago.