Need help with my nasty start up

Have this offer on the table.

My 4.01, 5.12, 14.01

I get 5.09, 7.09, 10.04, 2019 1st round pick

PLEASE… I want to take this but my mind is warped… need confidence

For all intents and purposes I’ll break it down this way, the 5th round picks are a wash since it’s only a 4 spot difference and the players in those spots aren’t going to be drastically different.

You are gaining a 7th rounder (still high upside value to be had) and a 10th rounder (good spot for a QB or TE) in exchange for a 14th (shot in the dark).

But to top it off, you get a first round rookie pick in exchange for a 4th rounder this year. Easily tilting the scales.

You win at all 3 levels. Take the trade.