Need Help with RB2 decision

Since CMC and Gibson are all but ruled out this week, I need to pivot my RB2 spot. I’m already playing Montgomery and need help choosing my #2. Here’s my choices:

M. Davis
M. Sanders
K. Hunt
JK Dobbins

I’d go Mike Davis.

Now do my Flex, half ppr.

Jonathan Taylor
Mike Davis
Terry Mclaurin
Robby Anderson

Thanks, for yours I did go with Taylor. Better matchup.

Bump please

I’d go Dobbins or Hunt. Yes, Dobbins splits work, but I believe he still lead the RBs in snaps and carries. Chubb has been great since his return, but this feels like a game-script better suited for Hunt.

End of the day, we know how fantasy football goes. I think odd man out based on the offense is Sanders. Flip a coin or play the player you are most excited about watching and enjoy!

Obviously keep an eye on any news that could give one of them an advantage. Opposing team defensive injuries, weather, etc…

Vague, but honest answer based on the options.