Need Help With RBs. Trade Advice Please!

I am very weak at RB. I’ve got Montgomery, Mixon, Cohen and and D’Onta Foreman. Through some trade magic, my WRs are Odell, AJ, Jordy, Baldwin, Parker, Thielen, and Hogan. Which of the receiver do you all think I should look to sell and what are some high end RBs that might currently be attainable? Thanks!

This is a 10 Team League. 1/2 PPR. 2 FLEX Spots (So I’m currently starting OBJ, AJ, Jordy and Doug every week)

try to package baldwin and mixon and go after a late first round/early second round back like fournette or ajayi

I was definitely looking to get rid of Baldwin. But I’m scared about giving away any RBs as I’m already super shallow with them. An injury would kill me. What do you think about packaging baldwin and another bench WR?

If you can Package 2 wr for an RB like you are talking about go for it. Problem is not many people trade away RB without getting one back since they only have 3 or 4. If you find a team with tons of RB try for him.