Need help with rbs

I have Kamara, Ingram, and Michel. I’m of course going to play Kamara but I don’t know who else. Michel is play the bears and they are good against the run. Thoughts?

Play all of them. Michel gets way too many goal line carries to be ignored. He’s literally getting like 2-3 goal line carries a game. Even against tough matchups, that is not worth benching.

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Play all 3, seems logical

Sorry but my league has 2 rbs no flex

My league is 2 rb no flex

I’d roll out Kamara and Michel and see if you can trade Ingram for a top end WR

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Oh okay. If that’s the case, I’m playing Kamara + Michel. You don’t want to stack RBs against one of the best defenses in the league, especially with Brees on the road. Balt Run D is really good which tells me they will lean on passing game for Kamara.

And Bears have shown their D is vulnerable. Frank gore just went like 100 yards on 15 carries. Michel is better than Gore. Patriots are better than miami. Bears D also just got gassed in Miami and Mack is dealing with an ankle injury.

As far as I’m concerned, Michel is a plug and play starter for me ROS.


Ok thanks for the help