Need help with STARTERS. Tate, Edelman OR Chubb. Please HELP!

Below is my team and I am contemplating on whom to pick as starters. Some times too many options of good players is a huge problem!! :slight_smile:

QB: P. Rivers
WR: J. Jones
WR: K. Golladay
RB: J. Mixon
TE: T. Burton
FLEX: ???

BN: P. Lindsay
BN: A. Jones (Bye)
BN: Tate
BN: Edelman
BN: Tre’Quan Smith
BN: N. Chubb
BN: J. Richard

Bumping post

It’s either Edelman or Chubb for me. If it is PPR I lean Edelman, if it is not (or 1/2) I would probably go Chubb. Not the greatest of matchups but he is the workhorse now in that backfield.

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