Need Help! With TE trade

I got offered Evan Engram and E Sanders/Marvin Jones for My C. McCaffery in a full ppr league. I currently have Cameron Brate, am i better off with brate or is this a good trade.

My Rbs are
Shady, Kamara, D. Murray, D. Martin, C. McCaffery, J. Mckinnon
My Wrs are
A Jeffery, D Funchess, A Thielan, and M Thomas

If I accept this trade I will also have to drop someone is sanders/ M. Jones better than one of my wrs now or is this trade not worth it, would i be giving up too much if i did a straight up McCaff for Evan Engram

Who else can you drop? I’d do the Sanders and Engram for C Mac but I wouldn’t do Engram for him straight up

do you believe E sanders is better the ROS than marvin Jones

Ya I think so it’s mainly just him and Thomas in DEN, while Stafford has more weapons in DET with Tate Golladay Ebron and his RBs.

Who do you believe is better ROS S Shepard or E Sanders

Shepherd over sanders ros because who else do they have?