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Need help with Trade Advice


In a 10 team, 2 Keeper, .5 PPR league.

The cost of each keeper is associated with the previous year’s draft position.

I have #1 overall pick, and I am keeping Le’Veon Bell for a 2nd Round. I was also planning on keeping Jay Ajayi for a 10th Round pick.

But… here is where things get complicated (or its me just being stupid)… I thought about trading Ajayi for Brandin Cooks (costs a 4th round pick to keep in this year’s draft).

Because of the value… I would ask for a Pick in this year’s draft in return. What round pick should I ask for in return? 2nd/ 3rd/4th Round?

Or am I being stupid and should keep Ajayi?



In my opinion, I would stick with Ajayi in the 10th. He’s a top 2 rounder. So you’re saving 8 rounds by keeping him. Brandon Cooks is going in the 3rd round and you lose a 4th so you are only saving 1 round. I would 100% go with ajayi and not even ask for another pick in return.


I agree. Keep ajayi but watch how there qb situation progresses. If tannehill is out the offense will be different. I personally am avoiding cooks at his adp, I don’t buy in that Gronk and Edelman wont lead the team in targets. This is a very interesting question I think it has a lot of levels and you should take your time.


I would not trade Ajayi for Cooks. A lot of mouths to feed in NE. Stay where you are, get a top 10 RB for your 10th round pick and either go RB first (if you can get DJ or Zeke) or grab a top tier WR and be set.


im not a fan of ajayi this year, and even im gonna say keep ajayi. but if you did, i would take no less than a 3rd round pick along with it. and even then i feel a little dirty. what i would want is a 2nd rounder.