Need help with WR this week

12 team 0.33 PPR

pick 2 out of OBJ, Slayton, Gallup, DeDe

The rest of my line up is Lamar, zeke cook, ertz, ekeler in the flex and streaming DST and kicker (TB, and gould)

I feel like the “correct” choice is OBJ and gallup, but I am kind of trying to avoid playing OBJ even against a plus match up.

I think slayton is the real deal, but I also think his floor is actual 0. dede and OBJ are somewhat consistent, but they don’t have a ceiling at all. I think Gallup is almost an instant lock as he has consistency and a ceiling.

With my line up should I pray OBJ becomes OBJ again, or should I roll the dice with slayton or dede?

I would go OBJ and Slayton