Need High Ceiling Plays for Playoffs

I made the playoffs, but my first round opponent is a significant favorite as he has Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, and Myles Gaskin.

My receivers (we play 3) are my strength as I have Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, and AJ Brown, but I have been decimated by RB injuries (Mixon and Gibson), so I feel like I need some high ceiling plays to get through this week.

-Justin Herbert or Ryan Tannehill at QB
-At RB my options are Akers, CEH, Mostert, McKissic, Gio Bernard (0.25 PPR) (need to pick 3 unless I want to run Chark out as my flex, which I don’t)

I am leaning Tannehill with the higher over/under, and probably CEH, Mostert, and Akers?

Higher ceiling in terms of QB is Herbert. He put up 38 points earlier in the season and his RB is best through the air. Tannehill could easily have a better game but his upside is capped by Henry.

I probably agree with your assessment of RBs especially if malcolm brown sits out. Bengals just don’t score enough.