Need immediate feedback please -- Fair offer?

Would Will Fuller for Ertz staright up be a fair enough offer?

I have fuller, targeting Ertz on a WR-needy team.

Ertz has 42.5 points on season vs. 46.4 for Fuller

It’s not bad especially if he needs wrs but honestly idt I would take it since ertz is a top 3 te harder position for him to fill compared to a wr. And fuller ros has more injury and less consistency than ertz. I would send the trade but I don’t think the owner will accept.

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He says he’s interested in Fuller, but didn’t know if I should package him or if I could get away with doing a straight up.

Also considering using Kupp, D. Thomas, and C. Ridley as pieces to offer, and if needing to package, throwing in my TE Burton to offset.

(My other WRs are Golladay, M. Thomas, and D. Adams, so i have a lot to work with)

It’s a fair trade but everyone wants MORE! You started the conversation as a 1 to 1 trade, let him counter with Fuller and Trey Boo Boo and then you can take it, right?


Trade ridley, you probably picked him off the waivers this week anyways, small price to pay to lock down the TE position for the rest of the season.

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I loaded up on WRs in an attempt to spin them for a TE, so yes that was my thinking exactly haha (and Ridley was one that I picked up this week yes)

I guess I’m having a tough time assessing Ertz value. I know he’s a top 3 TE in potential. He’s currently TE9 in my league with 42.5 points.

Trying not to give up too much but don’t wanna lowball either (it’s a buddy and a friendly league, not trying to screw anyone)

I threw him 3 different offers: 1) Fuller for Ertz straight up 2) Kupp/D. Thomas/Ridley + Burton 3) 2 of Kupp/D.Thomas/Ridley

I think if the guy wants Fuller, you hold onto Ridley… if Ridley has another monster game, you have a MAJOR trade piece, something that’ll get you a big piece back.

I personally think you’d need to do more than sending him Fuller; unless he’s just over the top in love with the player. If he ISN’T, then packaging Fuller and Burton may be enough to get it done. Ertz is a set it and forget it player at a position with about 3, so owning a slice of elite at TE is worth more than just the players production compared to the wideouts going the other way.

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I don’t disagree with you. And if I got Ertz there’d really be no need for Burton, other than bye weeks, so I’d be fine sending Fuller and Burton if he requested.

I appreciate all the input. Currently waiting to hear back.

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unless it’s a keeper league, Burton’s value as a bye week guy is not nearly as high to you as it is as a trade piece (assuming you get Ertz back). I’m sure there’s some solid waiver depth for byes if need be… TE is kind of an odd position anyway.

He’s now saying Ridley and Burton for Ertz (which was one of my offers)… I know this is a win for me but I kinda feel bad now for some reason haha. Is this a steal for me?

I feel like I should just offer him Fuller and Burton and be done with it :grimacing:

I mean, I’d be willing to bet he thinks he’s winning the trade too… you can’t evaluate who won and who lost before a trade is finalized. If Calvin Ridley is the real deal and last week wasn’t some kind of aberration, then he may very well win in the end. He’s hedging his bets by getting Burton, a well hyped player in a TE friendly system, so it’s hardly a crazy lopsided trade offer. I’d take it, especially if he doesn’t want Fuller for whatever reason. I could live with either.

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Yeah I know, Ridley could be a stud and he could also flounder. And I was on the Burton hype train (he could still live up to it) but after 3 weeks and watching a couple Bears games, I don’t know if I trust him as anything other than a steady 5-10 point a game TE with maybe potential for big TD games every now and then. (Which is why I’m looking for more consistency)

But yeah I agree, it’s hard to tell how players are going to do. Hell, Ertz could break his leg tomorrow.

Thanks for weighing in!