Need immediete feedback Foot Clan!

Should I trade Diggs for Ingram and Crowell?

My RBs
Kamara, Hunt
Diggs Sanders Coutee Nelson, Allison

I need Immediate feed back because the owner and I have verbally committed to the trade i just need to send it and wait for it to be accepted. Is this a good idea foot clan or would this make my team too weak at receiver?

I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that receiving core without Diggs

Is it a 2 WR league?

10 team Standard Scoring 2 WRS 1 FLEX

It’s not a great trade since two of your RB will be on bye this week but if you do go through with it I’d consider trading Kamara for a stud WR1 because as much as the saints may be able to sustain two RB1’s, you’ll probably want to avoid keeping them both imo

So you think stacking them would be a bad decision?

Not necessarily a bad decision. It can still work out but just look at what happened this week against the Redskins. The Saints put up 43 points but only Ingram got TDs. Granted they were chasing the record for Bree’s but its a look at worst case scenario. I thought it was a bad idea to stack all three Ram’s WR’s at the beginning of the season (Had a team draft all 3 WRs) but it turned out pretty well for him so far

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I would not do this. I like ingram but I don’t like the idea of having both. Crowell is just a throw in idt he’s worth anything. So honestly i don’t like this trade. Maybe if Crowell was like a john brown boyd type then I said better.

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