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Need keeper advice - Auction Draft


I’m in a 14 team PPR league where we have an auction draft. $200 dollar budget. Get to have 2 keepers if you want them. What do you think?

Lamar Miller- $23
Jarvis Landry- $22
Doug Baldwin - $30
Jordy Nelson - $36

I use to love keeping Landry for 20-22 dollars for the past couple years but with Ajayi and now the signing of Cutler has me worried hes going to have a big drop in production. So now i cant make up my mind of which combo to keep. ( if any…)


Miller is a decent value, and Nelson is a solid value. I would keep Nelson fore sure, and maybe Miller.


Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated!


I honestly think I’d keep Nelson and Miller. It’s 14 teams, so you have to be aggressive getting guys that you like.

Neither of those guys is extraordinary value, but they don’t have to be. Go into the draft with an RB and a WR in your pocket, and you’ll already be off to a good start.


I agree, keep Miller and Jordy. Solid start to a draft.


Baldwin and Miller I think are the best values. I’m in a 200 keeper auction as well and I think both Miller and Baldwin would bring more than that on the open market.

In your league, can draft dollars be parts of trades?


unfortunately they can not be traded.