Need keeper advice.....deadline tomorrow

I play in a full ppr with:


We get to keep three players

Julio Jones 1st rd
Chris Godwin 2nd rd
Aaron Jones 6th rd
Lamar Jackson 9th rd
James Conner 11th rd
Darren Waller 20th rd
Kerryon Johnson 20th rd
Latavious Murray 20th rd

What do you think foot clan? I need your expert advice here. For what it’s worth I will be drafting in the 7 spot of a 10 person team. Thanks everyone.

You listed them in the order I would keep them :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry the last post didnt display the rounds in which they would be kept.

I’d go with Lamar and Waller. Third one is harder. Maybe Godwin?

Conner could be great value there if he stays healthy.

Lamar and Waller are obvious to me. My next would be Conner or Jones and I’d lean towards Conner strictly on value; if health is a concern to you I’d go Jones.

It’ll be nice in the draft to only focus on RB/WR and not need to think twice about when to take/wait on a QB or TE.

Id lean Lamar, Jones, and Waller. I dont love Aaron Jones, but ill take him at that price tag ANY DAY. Can always swap out Waller for Godwin if you feel like you can snag a solid TE later in the draft.

Dang this is good stuff. In my head I was thinking Julio all day. Godwin is also hard to move off of but he is with a new, old, goat QB. What to do.