Need Keeper advice

12 team, full point PPR, Super flex, 2 keepers, keepers count as the first 2 draft picks.

I’m trying to decide between David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, JuJu, and Deshaun Watson. I kept DJ and Watson last year but not sure if I should do the same this year or try something new.

Cook and Juju, no doubts.

I’ll never keep a QB and Arizona’s offensive line worries me so much. Yeah, of course DJ could be better than Cook, but at most 1-2 PPG, which isn’t enough to sway me to take on the risk of a new coach/new QB combo that has shown there’s lots of improvements to be made.

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I would keep JuJu and Washington in a PPR Superflex.

For me Dalvin cook isn’t even being considered. I think I would go Juju and david Johnson. Since its superflex Watson is interesting, but I think he has a better chance of making to to one of your picks compared to juju or Johnson. when do u pick in the draft?

I’d keep cook and juju, because it’s first 2 rounds. I would never draft a qb that high

It’s superflex and Watson could be #1 QB. I’ll take him and DJ. You can find WRs later

Keep your RBs, likely the rest of the league will be keeping RBs as well. You might be able to draft Watson or JuJu in the first 2 rounds if other people chase the remaining RB talent on the board.

The draft is Saturday and that’s when we’ll be getting the draft order. We do a live draft and the commissioner always has some kind of weird event to decide the order