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Need Keeper & First Pick Advice!



New to the forum. In a keeper league where i can keep 3 players. Would love your advice.

Keeping odel for sure but torn between the other 2. I’m thinking Hyde and Adams. Keeping a qb would be a waste cause i can draft the same guys i’m sure way later

Who would you keep from my roster:

Brandon Marshall
Carlos Hyde
Eddie Lacy
Davante Adams
Golden Tate
Derrcik Henry
Jamaal Charles
Eli Manning
Marcus Mariota

Also I have first pick in the draft cause i Sucked last year. There won’t be any true studs left to pick as they will all be keepers. I’m leaning towards Fournette. I think y buddy is not keeping Dez bryant cause his team is stacked so who would you draft first. Dez, marshawn lynch or Fournette?


How does your draft go if you only select one keeper? In my keeper league each keeper is your 1st/2nd/3rd round pick, so if you only keep 1 player, you have two more draft picks than someone who keeps all 3. I think your answers will vary depending on how your draft with keepers work.


You have too keep 3 players. You can’t keep 1 or 2 then get extra picks.


In that case I would keep Henry and Adams.


I think you have the right idea. I’d keep Odell and Hyde for sure. Lacy or Adams as your third. As far as your #1 overall pick you can’t go wrong with Dez, he’s someone worth keeping in the future, but I’d personally go Fournette.


Keep Hyde and Adams draft Dez.