Need Keeper Help 10-Team PPR

Can only keep 4. No penalties for keeping. Remaining players can be traded or go to the draft.

QB L. Jackson
HB N. Chubb
HB M. Sanders
WR M. Evans
WR DJ Moore
WR C. Sutton
WR K. Golladay
TE T. Kelce

I think I’d have to go with Jackson, Chubb, Kelce and then Sanders for me just given the lack of RBs that I would anticipate in this type of league. WR is still pretty deep and can find value.

I agree it’s Jackson, Chubb, Kelce, sanders

Im a little shocked at the answers. I would like to trade Jackson but will keep him if i can find the right value. You guys wouldn’t want to keep at least one WR for the PPR format?

I agree as well

And then should i just make Mike Evans my biggest trade piece?

Mike Evans is a great option too if you’d rather draft another QB instead of Lamar. Also I like DJ Moore a lot too.

Jackson, Kenny g , Chubb and Kelce

I’d like to trade Jackson cause like you said i could find another QB especially late rounds. I like that Moore is very young.

I do think Kelce and Jackson might be cheat codes for fantasy. It is a toss up for me when it comes to RB and WR

hello there,

for me its no brainer:
Dj Moore

good luck to you

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Kenny G was a stud last year without Stafford, with Stafford coming back, I don’t think it’s a toss up at all! Not to mention swift in the backfield keeping defenses on their toes

Yeah but what about Evans with the Goat?

I’m usually never keep a qb or take one early but for pretty much a 4th rounder I keep him unless you find an amazing trade. My only problem with Evans is too many mouths to feed especially since they signed gronk. Evans is a great WR just not sure how the numbers workout for him.

Yeah I agree with you on the QB strategy. I guess I just like Evans more than my other WRs b/c he has a longer track record

If I were ranking my WRs i would have it:


Gronk will be on the field, now Brady has Vaughn to dish it off to, Godwin in the slot :grimacing: Evans is great but he won’t be THE MAN like Kenny g will in Detroit imo

So in a redraft, would you take Kenny G over Evans?

Safer choice imo is Kenny g

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I can dig it

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