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Need Keeper Help/Advice


10 Man League - .5 PPR


  1. Can’t keep anyone from the first 3 rounds from the previous year.
  2. Can only keep the player for 2 years. Example: Cooper drafted in the 5th round in 2015. Kept in 2016. Kept in 2017, if wanted and then recycled for 2018 season.
  3. Can only keep one (1) player from each position with up to three (3) players being kept every year.

David Johnson is already being kept in the 16th round from his rookie year. I have the 3rd overall pick.

Here are my options:
Cooper in the 5th Round (Final Year)
Brady in the 6th Round (Can Keep 2 Years)
M. Bryant in the 14th Round (Can Keep 2 Years)
Ajayi in the 15th Round (Can Keep 2 Years)
Jimmy Graham in the 17th Round (Can Keep 2 Years).

Been beating myself up over this. Please help.


Do you have DJ? If not, Ajayi is keeper #1. I say no to Brady, so that makes Graham #2. So your third keeper will be a WR. Bryant is a huge deal, but Cooper is also a good value. I am a believer that this is the year Amari blows up and I want him on my team. But if you want Bryant, that is fine.


I would keep Cooper and Graham. I like to wait on QB (especially in a 10 team league) and you could passing up a decent role player in the 6th.


Do not have DJ so I’m planning on taking Julio or Odell with 3rd overall.

My plan currently is Brady, Ajayi and Bryant. But keep going back and forth with Graham instead of Brady.


Not Ajayi?


Sorry, I read that as if you had DJ already. If that is the case, yes, keep Ajayi. I would be wary of Bryant but I’m a little more risk adverse than most.


I recommend you go forth with Graham. Brady is a value, and I can understand why you would want him. I actually believe he will be the #1 or #2 QB this year.

Sorry, that probably didn’t help.