NEED Keeper Help Badly

I need keeper help… I’m taking over a bad team and the format is .5 PPR. We get to “franchise” 1 player and select 3 others as “keepers”. The franchised player is on your roster but the 3 keepers go into a lottery where you keep the first 2 players selected. No penalty for any keeper/franchise. No value in not keeping them (no additional picks). Keepers must be submitted by May 13th.

Here is the roster. Who do I franchise and who do I keep???

This team is rough.

I would franchise Jay Ajayi.
Keep: Duke Johnson, Alex Collins, and Robby Anderson.

I could see Hogan and Funchess too, but i’d go with the ones above.

Wait till the rookie draft.
If the Ravens don’t draft a RB in the first 4 rounds, I would franchise Collins, then keep Ajayi, Duke and Robby.
Otherwise, same as @kenny_vercher said.

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you can really scrap any WR on this team to start new with. problem is, you kind of have to add a WR into the mix. ajayi is the locked in guy, then i throw collins and crow into the pool. after that, its kind of a crap shoot. you can put duke in there as well, but his play is going to be very QB dependent, and since we dont know how taylor will do, i wouldnt even touch him. so my last guy would be… i guess funchess. best chance to succeed, and has a high ceiling. this way you at least have depth at RB to work with.

It would be Ajayi and Funchess for me. The third is tough, before the draft. Maybe Collins.