Need Keeper help standard scoring

Hey footclan,

I need your help deciding for my final keeper, standard scoring. I am keeping Kamara and Henry, deciding between Gibson and Jefferson.

Gibson would cost a 4th round, Jefferson a 5th round.

1 QB/2 RB/2 WR/ 3 FLEX/1 TE/1 K/ 1DST

Thanks footclan!

With 3 flex in standard I feel like I would go Gibson; I imagine in this league you can’t really have too many RBs.

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this is true, thanks!

The only thing I can think of that’s contrary to that opinion is that he already has 2 1st round pick rbs, and Jefferson has a higher ceiling. I’d actually prefer to go Jefferson here but that’s just my opinion. It’s a tough call but, to have 2 rb1 and a wr1 seems like an advantage VS 2 rb1 and an rb2

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Appreciate the input, this was similar to my thoughts as well.

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Then again, if you think Gibson takes a leap this year and Jefferson regressed… It’s a tough call, flip a coin and blame the gods if it goes south.

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Thing I’m worried about is how the viking focus on the run game, they didn’t utilize Diggs to his full potential.

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Oh I absolutely think Jefferson can score more, but with this format I feel like you’d likely want as many starting RBs as possible so loading up on every week players would be more advantageous.

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I’m a Vikings guy and I think with Diggs they just refused to give in to his pandering. Once Jefferson came in they sure used him and Thielen still had 14 TDS as well. I think kirk is getting more comfortable with the program there and he’s a passing qb which helps. Cook will get 25% of the offense for the entire year on his own, but I think Jefferson will end up similar to last year, maybe less yards and a few more TDS. Gibson is a beast though, but I think it’s a similar situation in WSH. 2 good receivers and a beast rb. It’s honestly a tough call. If there’s trading Gibson might be able to net you a 1st round WR if someone needs an rb though. Whereas I doubt Jefferson would get you a 1st round rb. Maybe Gibson is the safe play, if there’s trades.

I think in a normal league, I’d go Jefferson to round out your team a little. But since it’s Standard AND 3 Flex, I’d go Gibson. You’re basically just picking the player that’s going to give the most points regardless of position because of the triple flex and that’s going to be Gibson with TD opportunity in a standard league.